Dave Smith


Dave has been a director since 2003, and has almost 25 years’ experience in project management, and public consultation and liaison of large-scale regeneration projects.

Specialises in project management and public participation and liaison on large scale regeneration projects. Has a depth of experience both technically and in dealing with ‘people’ issues. Dave has worked on complex projectsincluding our own office and the Arts Village mixed use scheme as part of the Liverpool City Centre Regeneration. He has managed Master Planning projects including stock transfer approval and public consultation to redevelop a 21 estate proposal, including some 7000 houses and flats. Responsible for a wide variety of projects including housing, commercial, industrial and retail clients.

Dave has also led an RIBA Regeneration competition, working in collaboration with a wider design team on the redevelopment of the conservation area which is predominantly an ethnic minority area to provide a contemporary mix of refurbished and new dwellings in a quality public realm setting. The redevelopment proposal covered approximately 250 dwellings providing a balance between maintaining heritage and transformation of the dominant form of the terrace into a diverse range of typologies. A renewable strategy has been developed which utilises a range of technologies to generate energy on site including biomass CHP, solar hot water, photo voltaics and wind turbines.

As part of his role, Dave heads up the office’s technical review and standards team, ensuring continuous improvement of the services that we provide.