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John McCall Architects specialise in designing all forms of housing for sale, rent and for people with special needs, along with commercial and community architecture, focused on the aspirations of clients, users and residents. We continue to prioritise sustainability on our projects and have designed ultra-low energy homes.

Shown below are some of our Housing for Sale, Extra Care and Special Needs projects. Do also visit our news pages to see progress on the Earl Lea & Llangevni Extra Care projects, or our page showing our long history of work in this arena. Marwood Towers and Ninian Gardens are now complete and fully occupied.

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In the News: Edelweiss Hotel site consultaton for Pennaf – click here .

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John McCall Architects are looking for a Principle Designer:- To start as soon as possible.

Ivy Mews, Garston Old Road, Liverpool, has been approved at Planning

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from all the team @ John McCall Architects


Buildings consume 40% of UK energy

Buildings consume nearly 40% of the world’s energy – they do not need to.

Energy conservation is old fashioned

Many of the energy saving technologies used today were available in the 1970s. If we’d started building low energy houses 40 years ago it would mean that a third of our houses would now be conserving energy, not wasting it!

JMA staff Q.A & Management pages: ISO 9001 . ISO 14001.

Good health and natural light linked

Good quality daylight is an important factor in living healthily, so residential windows should be large enough to provide residents with the light that their bodies need. VisitTheDaylightingSite for more information and this page in particular.

Ventilation heat losses high in new homes

In a modern well insulated house the main form of heat loss comes from ventilation and draughts. The use of a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR) in conjunction with a well-sealed, draught proof external shell will have a massive benefit.