The development is integrated within its setting in terms of scale, massing and proportions and in the use of materials. The layout, design and use of materials, have been developed to respect local design traditions and contribute to local distinctiveness whilst creating an imaginative and innovative modern design.

New Housing in the Whitefield conservation area.

Whitefield, Nelson is a conservation area which was subject to an RIBA design competition to provide a scheme preserving the traditional aesthetic of this Lancashire mill town.

Client: Great Places Housing Group

Value: £1m

Completed: 2012

Location: Albert and Every Street, Whitefield, Nelson.

The building have been designed to create unity through its architectural language and provide a continuity of street frontages, but has also been organised to define a series of distinct ‘places’ and points of reference within the site.

The entrance on Every Street and Albert Street is designed to create an attractive sense of place and a strong design identity has been established through the simple yet rich use of materials, colours and textures. The internal layout of each dwelling has been carefully considered in terms of solar orientation, view, position within the site and interface distance requirements.

Houses front onto the road and in certain positions units have been placed ‘side on’ to the road. This enables interface distances to be achieved and provides a varied streetscape. In addition breaking up the terraces allows for areas of planting adjacent to the footpaths within gardens and enhances sunlight penetration between dwellings.

The general principle in the design of the dwellings has been to replicate the general form of the adjacent dwellings in terms of their simple overall plan form; with a 35-degree roof pitch and recessed porches over the entrance doors. Openings within each dwelling are well proportioned and suitably positioned within elevations.

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