Context : The scheme is designed to provide a vibrant urban environment that will serve the needs of the local community while also acting as a suitable approach from Liverpool to the town centre of Bootle. The new scheme utilises the existing street pattern and addresses corners and side streets while providing a positive and vigorous elevation onto the main road.

Town Centre Apartments & Commercial Space

The development is comprised of a mix of retail space and apartments on a very tight site in the centre of Bootle, providing continental Architectural style living accessed of a first floor deck above the shops and service yard.

Client: Keepmoat PLC

Value: £2,600,000

Completed: 2011

Location: Bootle, Sefton, Merseyside

The scheme is comprised of 12 No. 2 Bedroom 4 Person flats over ground floor retail units. The flats aim to be flexible living spaces that offer two double bedrooms. The project is designed to maintain the scale of surrounding buildings by being three storeys in height.

The high side of the monopitch roof faces on the streets to give additional ‘presence’ onto the street.

The shop units are shown as divided into 3 at ground level, but a degree of flexibility is included to ensure that a variety of retailers will be attracted to the block. Indeed this will be true of all the retail space as a lively and varied frontage will add to the street scene.

A Design Code for the shops was  produced in consultation with the Planning Department to ensure that shop frontages have a consistency of detail and quality throughout the street and any shuttering to the windows will be of the permeable type to prevent the ‘dead façade’ problem that occurs on so many retail areas outside opening hours.

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