Warrenhouse Road

The refurbishment of an existing derelict ‘no fines’ property in Kirkby which achieved Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 standard. The main focus of the project was to improve the air tightness of the building.

Client: Knowsley Housing Trust

Value: £130k

Completed: November 2012

Location: Kirkby, Knowsley

The Warrenhouse Road project was a pilot project to investigate methods of refurbishment to existing dwellings that can substantially improve their air-tighness. The works also included remodelling the ground floor to create a modern home. The property was air pressure tested 4 times during the construction process, achieving a final value of 2.74m3/hr/m2@50Pa, over three times better than current new build building regulation standards. The scheme included an number of other measure to improve the performance of the property including:

  • External wall insulation
  • Exhaust air heat pump and Underfloor heating
  • Photo-voltaic panels
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Voltage optimisation

The expected carbon saving of the property is over 135 kg/m2/year with an annual total energy bill of approximately £500.

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