Ashlar Private House and Studio

The house at Hayfield designed by and for John McCall is constructed on a backlands site in the conservation area of this fine Peak District village. It has been  designed to function as both a house for the McCall family and as an art studio for Sue McCall.

Client: John and Sue McCall

Value: £350,000

Completed: 2002

Location: Hayfield, Derbyshire

Consequently the building has a central glazed atrium which functions as the main entrance, circulation space and as a passive solar collector; this serves the parts of the building and acts as a hub around which all these functions revolve. In order to fit into the heritage environment, the building form and the natural materials used have been chosen to blend into the surroundings whilst the overall design is unashamedly modern. The building has been placed on the site in such a way as to make the most of the topography and orientation, so that the building maximises the environmental benefits of the site. Underfloor heating has been used throughout to give high quality comfort while providing low running costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

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