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Plus Dane which can be viewed by clicking here.

Ni SmartBuild

Ni SmartBuild is an innovative collaboration between Plus Dane, Mpulse, Value Indicator™ and John McCall Architects. It is a new approach to house building that has equipped Plus Dane’s in-house trades team with modern processes and the skills required to build high-quality new homes more efficiently. At the heart of the project was the creation of a construction team drawn from Plus Dane’s existing repairs and maintenance organisation.

Client: Plus Dane

Value: £300,000

Completed: November 2012

Location: Castlefields, Runcorn

The design has been undertaken using Building Information Modelling (BIM) facilitating collaboration between designers and key suppliers whilst providing integrated, clear design information to the project team and accurate schedules of materials for procurement. BIM has helped to identify clashes and other technical issues before they occurred, enhanced visualisation for stakeholder engagement and provided support for training of the build team both before and during construction. It has demonstrated that through collaboration, integrated working and adoption of modern methodologies we can deliver better value for money and increase the level of skills and knowledge within the combined team.

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