Montford Drive Remodelling

This residential scheme on Montfort Drive in Liverpool involved a dramatic redesign of an existing bungalow and garage, with the aim to provide the additional space the client required. We successfully received planning permission in June 2017 after careful negotiation and discussion with the Planning Officer.

The design extends the bungalow vertically to bring the height in-line with the neighbouring houses. This adds a new floor of accommodation while maintaining a scale appropriate to the area, which is a mix of one and two storey residential properties.

This allowed the existing ground floor to be opened up to provide a kitchen and living space suitable to the size of this family. The garage was also converted to give the older children a chance to gain independence before leaving the family home.

The scheme is designed to have a minimal impact on its immediate neighbours with a reduced height as it reaches the street and minimised windows on the elevation facing the adjacent property.

The proposed materials were chosen to complement the existing context materials and mock Tudor style but in a modern interpretation. This was shown through the brick base with render to the first floor referencing typical Tudor style materials, but detailed in a modern, pastiche free format, in keeping with a 21st century dwelling.

This proposal will tie in well with the existing buildings and spaces and bring the scale of the building in line with its context. This scheme will provide a modern intervention into the estate and improve the Architectural quality of the area.

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