Eco Home in Lolworth, near Cambridge

The clients felt that as they retired from their farm it would be wise to move out of the farmhouse into a low energy home which would have very low running  costs during their later years.

Client: Mr and Mrs Horsford

Estimated Value: £250,000

Completed: project on hold

Location: Lolworth

This private house has been designed to have very low energy usage and is to be constructed using an exceptionally well insulated masonry and concrete structure, triple glazed windows, air source heat pump and is carefully orientated to make the most of solar gains and to optimise the electricity generating roof panels.
We have used a combination of tried and tested construction techniques along with some modern heating and ventilation technology to give very good performance and exceptionally low running costs. It is based on our award winning house at Lang Lane which has been extremely successful, performing almost 4 times better than the Passivhaus standard that it was designed to exceed.

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