The Kipling Avenue site lies adjacent to Dryden and was developed using similar units with a slightly different aesthetic treatment differentiating the 2 projects, despite their close proximity.

Feedback from residents regarding the  running costs on both projects has been extremely positive, but the Code 5 properties have a clear advantage.

Dryden Grove

Redevelopment of 3 vacant plots of brownfield land within an existing housing estate to provide 26 new houses and bungalows. Eleven of the units were constructed to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 by a mixture of innovative building fabric technology and highly efficient heating and solar technologies to create state-of-the-art eco homes.

Client: Knowsley Housing Trust

Value: £2.7 million

Completed: 2013

Location: Huyton, Liverpool

Dryden Grove was earmarked by the client to investigate the possibility of creating highly efficient homes to level 5 standard within standard house types.

Alongside the CODE 5 units there were Code 3 units developed on the same site with the same typology with the intention of analysing cost differences for the construction and long term monitoring of the units to analyse running cost benefits and differences for residents in the two CODE types. With input from our Eco Division we introduced an array of sustainable measures:

• Houses were highly insulated with 150mm of cavity insulation

• Innovative pre insulated structural slab

• Enhanced construction details to minimise air leakage

• Solar panels, ventilation heat recovery systems and LED lightings were used

• Highly efficient boilers with additional technology to use waste heat to pre heat incoming water.

• Tenants’ fuel bills will be significantly reduced, and carbon emissions will be cut.

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