We have worked to completely alter this environment and along with our clients we have transformed the whole area into a desirable and mixed tenure suburb with great new community facilities.


Work continues at Castlefields as the last of the sites is updated and smaller problems solved, such as the removal of a garage court. But the main works have all been successfully completed and some of them are included on separate pages on our web site:


Along with this there is a comprehensive review of the process and projects on the Homes and Communities Webs site:

Castlefields Estate Regeneration

In 2002 John McCall Architects were invited to provide masterplanning, regeneration and architectural services.

Client: Liverpool Housing Trust and Plus Dane Group

Value: £150,000,000

Completed: in phases from 2004 onwards

Location: Runcorn, Cheshire

The predominant problem facing this estate was that it was dominated by the longest terrace of walk-up flats in Europe. In addition this the new town, constructed largely in the 1960s, had been designed to follow the contours of the undulating and steeply sloping local topography.

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