Rebecca Whittle, Neighbourhood and Communities Lead based at City West Housing Trust’s Little Hulton Area Office

“The office has been transformed from a dark, dated space to a brighter more flexible and productive working environment for all.

The customer experience of accessing our services has dramatically improved, with the reception area being an open, naturally lit, welcoming space, whilst still also ensuring that privacy is remained through the efficient use of space and design”

Little Hulton Area Offices Refurbishment

Refurbishment project developed following the completion of our Client’s new Head Office and the introduction of agile working throughout the business

Client: City West Housing Trust (Forviva Group)


Completed: August 2017


Location: Little Hulton, Salford

Externally, a new shopfront, including integral roller shutters and signage to new corporate standards, has been installed to enable greater interaction with the local community. Accessibility for customers has been improved by introducing an automatic sliding door.


Internally, floor-to-ceiling glass screens and doors have been introduced to the interview rooms and main office to improve natural surveillance and improve security levels for staff. This has also dramatically increased the natural light entering the workspaces.


Individual customer consultation desks have been installed to the reception area and the finishes, fixtures and fittings introduced to the front-of-house area all mirror the Regent Street customer experience.


The facilities for staff have also been improved, including an informal meeting space, additional desks with appropriate IT functionality and a new kitchen.

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