Shortlisted for the Housing Innovation Awards

JMA shortlisted for innovation award


We have been shortlisted in the Housing Innovation Awards for our sustainable design approach.

We were one of three in line to win the Most Innovative Consultant category.

Judges were impressed with our approach to innovation in creating the Lang Lane eco-home in West Kirby, Wirral.

The scheme epitomises our innovative approach to sustainable design, with a range of complementary features delivering a home that costs the equivalent of £15-a-year to run with a C02 output of just 11kg.

Positioned to maximise sunlight exposure, the new build scheme did away with traditional foundations and replaced it with a ground floor raft floating on 200mm of insulation.

The intention was to reduce the energy usage to within the Passivhaus target, but in use it improved upon this, achieving annual energy costs of £15 per annum and a CO2 output of just 11Kg.

The strategy addresses the five main issues of orientation, insulation, air tightness, thermal mass and volume which were carefully considered along with heating, ventilation and energy generation to maximise the thermal performance of the house.

Director Colin Usher said: “The scheme at Lang Lane is a great a demonstration of how to design and build using genuinely innovative techniques.

“We maximised every possible energy saving measure and adapted it according to the plot of land being built on.

“It is a strategy that can be used for other homes and proves energy efficient buildings do not need to be expensive.

“We believe that sustainability should be central to every project and that client and end user energy costs should be mitigated to reduce levels of fuel poverty.”

The photographs above show a selection of our innovative projects, many of which are detailed on separate pages on the web site.