Edelweiss Planning Application

Residential Pre-Application Consultation

Plans are available for local consultation on the

former Edelweiss Hotel site for Pennaf

Design Proposal

Key Principles
• The Proposed development comprises 31 units of affordable housing with associated
access and car parking together with external paving.
• Dwelling entrances at most suitable level
• Clear legible entrance to apartment building.
• Secure Parking provided to rear.
• The existing trees retained with root protection area respected.
The building will take the form of a single 3 storey block of apartments, with one 2 storey wing at one end. Each property will have a private Juliet balcony from the living area with in-curtilage
parking provision.

The site is currently the vacant site of the old Edelweiss Hotel. The old hotel has been
demolished and 31no high quality apartments are to be constructed for rent. The mix of
accommodation is in line with the demand highlighted by Conwy CBC and Pennaf Housing.

The proposal is for 31 units on the site which is approximately 0.5 hectares in size, equating
to approximately 62 dwellings per hectare. This is in keeping with the scale and form of the
adjacent dwellings in the surrounding area.

The proposed building will be 3 storeys in height with a single 2 story wing off the main block,
with traditional pitched roof. This will be in keeping with the surrounding properties along
Lawson Road.


Visual Appearance
After analysing the existing built environment, it was concluded the proposed development
should not simply blend with the existing housing stock. The new apartment block should be
recognisably distinct but simultaneously strengthen the local identity.

Modern, simple detailing will be used on the proposed dwellings, consideration has be given
to local techniques for detailing features such as copings, eaves, gutters, verges, windows
and doors (including their surrounds). Window and door openings exhibit a strong vertical
emphasis. All Window and door frames shall be slightly recessed behind the brickwork face.

The entrance has been designed to create an attractive sense of place and a strong design
identity has been established through the simple yet rich use of materials, colours and
textures. The internal layout of each dwelling has been carefully considered in terms of solar
orientation, view, position within the site and interface distance requirements.

By incorporating these principles into the design and choice of materials for this scheme, we
believe that a unified coherent scheme can be achieved that continues the theme of
individual identifiable neighbourhoods in which the residents can develop a sense of pride
and belonging.

If you have comments that you would like to send to us, then please email us on this link with Edelweiss in the subject.