CDM: Construction Design Management (Health and Safety on Site)

John McCalls are pleased to confirm we will be providing a comprehensive Principal Designer Service to meet the new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 that came in to force on 6th April 2015.

John McCall Architects are particularly well equipped to assist Clients and other Duty Holders in understanding and complying with their Legal Duties under the new CDM Regulations – we have been providing a “CDM Service” since 1997.



There are significant changes in the Law that will affect all Construction Projects including “Domestic Projects” and smaller construction projects which were previously exempt from the CDM Regulations 2007. There is a 6 months Transitional Period which will run from the 6th April 2015 until 5th October 2015, this will enable those Projects which are already in development or being delivered on-site to be brought in-line with the requirements of CDM Regulations 2015.


One of the fundamental changes in the new regulations is the replacement of the role of CDM Co-ordinator with that of Principal Designer – although the majority of duties currently carried by the CDM Co-ordinator are those that will be undertaken by the Principal Designer. See our Guide here.



Do contact Andy Howie about how we can assist you through the revised regulations, to ensure that you meet all the mandatory requirements.



In compliance with the first set of CDM Regulations 1994, we initially provided the service of Planning Supervisor and then the service and role of CDM Co-ordinator when the CDM Regulations were revised in 2007.


We have also provided specialist advice and training for Clients and other Duty Holders on how to meet the requirements of the CDM Regulations and other associated Health & Safety Regulations that apply on Construction Projects. Our Technical Manager, Andy Howie, is a well-trained Specialist, Practitioner and Team Leader in Construction Health & Safety, and has been actively involved in this sector since the first set of CDM Regulations were enacted in 1994. Over the past 12 months he has attended North West Construction Safety Group and the HSE Construction Inspectorate seminars, which have been targeted at experienced Construction Health & Safety Practitioners to assist them in providing the necessary level of competent advice to their Clients and the Duty Holders under the new CDM Regulations 2015. See our Guide here.